ON–135: Bridging (Part 2)

Coverage on LayerZero.

Aug 26, 2022

β‘£ LayerZero

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πŸ“ˆ Over 300k cross-chain messages sent

  • LayerZero is a lightweight universal messaging interface that allows developers to seamlessly interact with contracts across dozens of blockchains. LayerZero Endpoints rely on an innovative Relayer and Oracle architecture to trustlessly relay messages between chains. This unique messaging structure and security model is the only solution available today that does not rely on wrapped assets, middle-chains, or vulnerable upgradeable contracts.
Source: LayerZero
  • LayerZero has seen consistent growth in the number of cross-chain messages sent by users. To date, LayerZero users have sent over 300K messages across supported chains. Going deeper, BNB users are leading in terms of cross-chain messages sent (54K from BNB, view on this dashboard).
Source: LayerZero
  • LayerZero recently surpassed 1000 connected contracts live on the LayerZero Mainnet. Developer volume has consistently increased despite notable cross-chain bridge hacks in the last 6 months. This trend indicates a clear demand for cross-chain solutions with security and modularity as core features.
Source: LayerZero