ON–088: Loot (Part 2)

Coverage on Loot Ecosystem

Sep 10, 2021

  • (AGLD, continued) In just a week, the top 10 holders of AGLD changed quickly. At first all top holders minted tokens. A week later, only one of the the top wallets remains in the top ten and only two receive from the minting. This rapid change in top holders cements the fact that the community is still emerging.

β‘€ Loot Derivatives

πŸ‘₯ Daniel Lew

πŸ“ˆ Loot Derivatives have traded over 4000Ξ in volume

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  • Given Loot's success, many derivatives have flooded the scene. As of now, there are over 40 Loot derivatives, not including other Loot factions like Bloot. Although there are many of them, not all enjoy equal success; most of them are free to mint if you're a Loot holder β€” some do cost ETH, but others have supply open to the public. Cumulatively, derivatives have traded over ~4000Ξ on Opensea compared to original Loot, which has traded over ~60,000Ξ.
Dune Analytics - Dqniellew
  • Assuming the current number of unique owners of Loot is around 2.5k, early derivatives have enjoyed more participation than older ones. Some of them with the most mints include Abstract Loot, Characters, Treasures, and Realms with an exception for Doggos for Dog Owners which was announced a few days later.
Dune Analytics - Dqniellew
  • It is the same story for total volume and number of sales on Opensea. Some of the ones that have generated the most volume are Realms, Treasure, Ability Score, Characters and, Abstract Loot which make up ~85% of all derivatives volume. However, in aggregate, the volume of Loot derivatives are only about 7% of Loot's total volume.
Dune Analytics - Dqniellew