ON–084: DeFi (Part 2)

Coverage on PERP, SUSHI, DYDX, POOL, and NXM.

Aug 13, 2021

  • With protocol cover, Nexus is covering more projects on other chains outside of Ethereum L1. Anchor Protocol has been a popular source of cover purchases (with $25M in active covers), as APYs are still around 20% when stablecoin yields have come down across the board on Ethereum.
  • Nexus recently invested 10% of the capital pool into Lido stETH to earn yield on the capital pool. Right now, Nexus is the fourth-largest holder of stETH. The mutual earns around 2.4 ETH per day and has earned 181 ETH since late May.

⑤ PoolTogether

📈 Over $4 million in no loss prizes awarded

  • PoolTogether is a protocol for no-loss prize savings. Users deposit money to have a chance to win prizes and can withdraw their money at any time. Prizes are comprised of the interest accrued on all deposits. A key metric for the protocol is total prizes awarded, over $4 million in prizes have been awarded in the last 6 months. The luckiest winner deposited $73 and won $43,760.
Sarfang, Dune Analytics
  • A portion of each prize is retained in the protocol reserves. In the last 4 months the protocol reserves have grown from $0 to ~$1 million. All reserves contribute interest to future prizes increasing the expected value for all depositors.
Sarfang, Dune Analytics
  • The first prize pool deployed on Polygon has shown the importance of low transaction fees. This prize pool quickly grew to be the second-largest pool measured by unique depositors (3,846). The protocol is currently deployed to Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain.
Sarfang, Dune Analytics


📈 SUSHI projecting $60 million revenue, P/E drops

  • SushiSwap has quickly established itself as a main player in DeFi. It has integrated into 11 different blockchains and launched new features aside from its DEX. These use-cases include lending (Kashi), IDOs (Miso), and an upcoming NFT marketplace (Shoyu), thusshowcasing SushiSwap’s ambitions to become a DeFi super app. In terms of its core DEX product, activity across several key indicators has recovered, and it’s also soon to launch a new capital efficient DEX called Trident.
  • SushiSwap’s liquidity between its two main chains (Ethereum and Polygon) has rebounded by over 50% in the past month. In spite of growing competition, total liquidity supplied for the protocol remains above $4 billion and is within 30% of its previous all-time high. Trading activity and revenues have also been on an uptrend recently.
  • SushiSwap is projecting $60 million for xSUSHI stakers. Taking these as the protocol’s earnings, this would give SUSHI a P/E ratio of 38.5, which is significantly lower than Coinbase’s 160 P/E. SUSHI's P/E has been declining while SUSHI’s price has been increasing, getting cheaper relative to its revenues.

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