ON–213: DePIN 📍

Coverage on Livepeer, DIMO, Hivemapper, and IoTeX.

Mar 12, 2024

ON–213: DePIN 📍


① Livepeer 📹

📈 Livepeer’s treasury hits ATH with 112,101 LPT tokens, 10.8% MOM growth — new grants focusing on AI integrations

  • Livepeer is a video infrastructure network for live and on-demand streaming. It plans to harness its massive network of GPUs to be a key infrastructure player in AI computing. The Livepeer community treasury hit an all-time high this month accumulating 112,101 LPT tokens. These tokens are being used to fund projects leveraging Livepeer’s highly scalable and decentralized infrastructure that can make AI video compute possible at a fraction of the current cost.
Source: Dune Analytics - @dob
  • Livepeer powers more than 3M minutes of video processing/week and 3M hours of streaming/month, from web3 social apps like Lens or Unlonely, to Skrillex concerts, to Premier League soccer. Users can stream up to 4k in resolution to a global audience with all popular streaming protocols, at low latency.
Source: Livepeer Explorer
  • Livepeer is 80% cheaper than traditional cloud services for video streaming without compromising quality and scalability. In the last 2 months, despite a growing number of streamed minutes, the network's transcoding cost dropped from ~$0.12/hour to ~$0.10/hour due to market competition.
Source: Livepeer Explorer
  • 💦🔬 Tx-Level Alpha: A governance vote to fund the AI SPE has passed, as shown by the transaction where 25000 LPT tokens were sent to the receiving wallet of the proposal. This Special Purpose Entity will bring Generative AI Video supported by upscaling and frame interpolation tasks to the network. It will also build a consumer app experience that will leverage Livepeer's highly cost-effective open compute network, and showcase data that validates the cost-effectiveness of Livepeer relative to public clouds.

② DIMO 🚘

📈 60,000+ vehicles are earning DIMO Rewards

  • DIMO is an open connected vehicle platform that gives drivers insight into car health and driving habits, while rewarding users with $DIMO tokens. Rewards are used on auto services like insurance, maintenance, repairs, or EV charging. Since launch in Q4 2022 users have added >60k vehicles to the network and >21k unique drivers, for an average of 2.84 cars connected per user. 74% of cars are paired using native software, with the other 26% using DIMO hardware devices connected to the car's OBD2 port.
Source: Dune Analytics - @olreliable
  • The DIMO platform began distributing $DIMO tokens in December 2022, by rewarding users for maintaining their vehicle's connection to the network. The retention in DIMO Rewards recipients is very promising with 60% of users still holding 100% of any token rewards received from the protocol.
Source: Dune Analytics - @olreliable
  • Additionally, users can earn rewards by using service providers available in the DIMO Marketplace. RepairPal is a service that provides vehicle repair insights and scheduling assistance. Just this month, they rewarded almost $4k USD in $DIMO tokens to drivers who booked service for their car.
Source: Dune Analytics - @olreliable
  • 💦🔬 Tx-Level Alpha: The protocol issues a weekly baseline reward to every vehicle on the network. The DIMO Registry contract is used to verify the user has minted their Vehicle NFT and is eligible. This reward is distributed from a pool of $DIMO that started at 1,300,000 $DIMO and decreases by 15% annually. The contract uses a Chainalysis oracle to prohibit sanctioned wallets from receiving rewards. This transaction shows a user receiving their weekly baseline reward of 24.5 $DIMO using the transfer() function.

③ Hivemapper 🗺️

📈 Hivemapper hits 25,000 monthly active AI trainers, 230M total reviews

  • Hivemapper may be best known for its dashcams, but the project has quickly grown into one of the largest AI applications in web3. Hivemapper’s machine learning models automatically extract intelligence such as street signs from dashcam imagery, while a community of AI Trainers completes tasks to annotate data and improve the AI. There are now more than 25,000 monthly active AI Trainers around the world. They have now completed 231M reviews all-time, with double digit week-on-week growth.
Source: Twitter - @hivemapper
  • Hivemapper unveiled its next-generation dashcam, the Bee, on Feb. 21. With more computing power, stereo cameras, improved GPS positioning and an option for cellular connectivity, the Bee drew 10,000 preorders within a single week. That’s as many units as were sold in Hivemapper’s entire first year.
Source: Techcrunch
  • Hivemapper usually shares all-time stats: for example, 9M unique km ever mapped, or 15% of the world’s roads. But internally, the project team focuses on “refresh,” or how often the map is updated. Monthly refresh has doubled since November to 3.9M km, or 6% of the world’s roads.
Source: Hivemapper Internal Analysis
  • 💦🔬 Tx-Level Alpha: Buzz is a feature in the Hivemapper app that allows people to share reports about road conditions — think of this as token-incentivized Waze. This transaction shows an airdrop of 250 HONEY to a Buzz contributor. With the recent MIP-10 update, the Hivemapper Foundation created a bounty program that will issue these bounty transactions weekly. Buzz will accelerate Hivemapper's growth by allowing people to contribute high-value data about road conditions and earn HONEY without a dashcam.

④ IoTeX 🤖

📈 IoTeX's TVL Jumps 144% in Three Months"

  • IoTeX's global reach now extends to over 300k users in 120 countries, cementing its position in the DePIN sector. With a team of >60, IoTeX's modular Web3 platform has seen its TVL more than double from $14.08M to $34.31M in just three months, showcasing growth of over 144%.
Source: DeFiLlama
  • DePINscan, built by IoTeX, is a map explorer and dashboard for the DePIN community, where all device data is processed by IoTeX's off-chain compute middleware. The number of connected devices has surged from 372,061 on Dec 1st to 578,197 today.
Source: depinscan.io
  • To address liquidity challenges faced by new DePINs, IoTeX introduced the DePIN Liquidity Hub. This has boosted liquidity and volume on mimo, a DEX, by over 55% and 109% respectively in the past two months. Total liquidity has increased from $13.9M on Jan. 11 to $21.7M today and volume from $476,906 to $998,541.
Source mimo.exchange
  • 💦🔬 Tx-Level Alpha: This is a transaction adding 40,000 $WIFI (valued at over $7000 USD) to a liquidity mining contract which is paid back to users who add liquidity to the LP on mimo, the IoTeX DePIN DEX. This equates to a current APR of 163%. By working with DePIN projects like WiFi Map, IoTeX stimulates trading volume on DePIN tokens while also stimulating activity on the IoTeX network. Similar APRs are also available for other DePIN projects such as Geodnet and XNET.

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